The Dragon Story

We have created a short cartoon, aimed at children aged 5-9 years, after understanding the lack of resources for children about dementia. It can be used in schools, clubs, in a group setting, or at home with an individual child.

The 4 minute cartoon is about a young dragon called Simon, his mummy, and Grandpa Drake. As Grandpa Drake gets older, he exhibits behaviours common with dementia and getting old, like not being able to find items, or forgetting things. Children may have come across some of these things in their own families, and the cartoon can be used to discuss these issues. You can download the cartoon for your personal use here.

Subtitles in English, French, Polish, German and Chinese are currently available using Youtube's captions. If you are able to add subtitles in a different language please contact us.

A resource pack is available which identifies mini themes from the story for discussion, suggested questions, and activities to help facilitate a positive attitude to the condition of dementia that affects many families. You can download the resource pack here.

It was written by Dr Jennifer Bute’s daughter, Alison, who also provided the voiceover.